FABRIZIO GARCIA BACIGALUPO, is an Italian-Ecuadorian attorney, graduated at UEES, a category "A" ecuadorian University, specializing in corporate law. Fabrizio is also alumni of the City Law School, City University London, where he graduated as magister / master (LLM) in International Maritime Law, adding himself to the list of notable graduates of this institution, which include Mahadma Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, among others. Fabrizio is also Magister (MSc) in Foreign Trade, specializing in Port Management and Customs.

Fabrizio focuses his practice in maritime, Customs, and Ports law; national and international Commercial Law, Civil Law and Criminal Law, advising and actively litigating in these areas. Currently Fabrizio complements his professional practice, being a professor of Commercial Law I and II and Maritime Law at the Law School of ECOTEC University, and as a visiting lecturer for the subject Maritime International Organization in UTEG. His academic training, practical experience as a trial lawyer and his personal probity, allows him to provide optimal service to all its clients, obtaining the expected results.

Language: Spanish, English.